Lactation Education

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About our Educational Courses

Each course is self-paced, meaning that you can work in your own time. There are no live lectures, in-person meetings or proctored tests to be completed throughout any of these courses. Courses are developed by an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, Doctor of Public Health and Professor with 7-years of higher education experience.

The courses are based on adult learning theory and they will consist of readings, assignments, quizzes and a cumulative exam at the end to result in a certificate. Outside of the price of the course, learners will be responsible for purchasing the required textbook with the option of purchasing the recommended supplemental text. Learners will also be provided with a publishers discount code to purchase the textbooks. 

After purchasing the course, you will receive a welcome email that will provide you with details regarding accessing the Canvas course, required and recommended textbooks along with the discount code. If you are not familiar with canvas, you will also be added to an orientation course that will provide you with assistance in navigating the Canvas LMS platform. *Orientation course completion is not required*

Our Education

Passion in all we do.


50-Hour Lactation Education

This lactation education course involves 50 hours of learning based material. 

95-Hour (Plus) Lactation Education

This course will cover all aspects of lactation including, breast anatomy, pathophysiology, infant development and feeding, breastfeeding positions, maternal illness, infant difficulties, etc. 

5-Hour Communication Course

This course will focus on fulfilling the 5 hours of communication education needed to sit for your IBLCE exam. This course will focus on communication during lactation visit, charting, working with and communicating with other healthcare professionals as part of the continuum of care. 


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